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Posted May 3, 2012

The extra "B" in BYOBB is a typo...

May is National BBQ Month and oh boy is it a good time to get some of that barbecue cooking out. With the summer breeze starting to settle in, it’s a great time to fire up the grill and slap on some tasty meat.

When I attended San Jose State, the house I rented came with a grill and it seemed like every month, no matter the season, I was grilling up some burgers, ribs or hot dogs.

But one thing that I learned about grilling during one of these adventures is that seafood is a fun thing to cook too. Shrimp and fish isn’t too hard but I learned that oysters can be grilled too. It’s not really complicated as you just place the shell onto the grill until it opens up. But as I continue to master my grilling, I’m just learning more and more about the fun in the barbecue world.

What are you grilling this month? Tell us your cooking adventures!


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