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Posted Apr 4, 2012

On Monday I joined a few of my friends at AT&T Park to watch the Oakland A’s face off against the San Francisco Giants. Since I am an A’s fan, I normally don’t go to AT&T Park and I very seldom eat what their ballpark offers. But I was starving and I was also curious.

Delicious, but not $16 worth though.

I saw that they had the Krazy Krab’s sandwich and I ordered it. On sourdough bread with tomato, this sandwich was $16 but I think it was pretty good. I was told that it used to be bigger so I will admit that it was not that filling. Delicious, but not enough.

So I decided to get something else to grub on: the garlic fries. I know the park is known for their fries and this was made perfect. It wasn’t soaked in oil and it had just the right amount of flavor.

Their best food option.

It was a bummer that the A’s lost but it was just an exhibition game, so I didn’t really care about it. And after all, I finished the evening with some Ghiradelli hot chocolate, which in my opinion, may be one of their most underrated drinks in the park.

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